How does Concur help?

Concur solutions integrate travel booking and expense management into one easy, automated process. This greatly increases efficiency and helps maintain control over employee spend by providing total visibility into travel and entertainment spend data.

Increase employee and corporate efficiency.

Concur combines travel booking and expense claims into one cloud-based and mobile solution, enabling companies to increase operational efficiency by:

  • Reducing expense claim processing time by automatically populating expense claim transactions.
  • Ensuring that claims are within corporate policy, easy to review and approve.
  • Delivering real time data for visibility into employee spend.

Maintain control of your bottom line.

Concur products provide the control necessary to ensure that a trip is pre-approved; that the travel is booked within policy and that the expenses are accurate. Comprehensive data includes easy access to over 170 reports which provide the transparency and information needed to maintain total control over travel and entertainment spend.

Adapt to meet the needs of your company and employees.

Concur services readily accommodates the needs of an individual traveler and can scale to meet the needs of corporations of any size, globally. The cloud-based solutions require no hardware, software, maintenance or expensive time-consuming upgrades, delivering innovation automatically while keeping organizations current with government and industry regulations.

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