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If you want a tighter grip on travel and expense spending, you need a clearer picture of the numbers.

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It’s been a big year for change, but by closing the gaps in your data and day-to-day workflows, you get the clarity that gives you control. You can see the numbers, so you can manage them, and that makes it easier to make smarter decisions faster.

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What do you need to know to take the reins on travel and expense (T&E) spend and stay on top of regulatory compliance? How do you close the data gaps that increase costs and make it harder to stay on policy? Where do you go to automate and improve the accuracy of your processes? You start here.

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Introducing the answers to your cost and compliance concerns

SAP Concur solutions give finance the tools to increase compliance and control spending, give IT one simple solution to manage T&E, and build employee engagement while boosting productivity.


Turn paper receipts into digital records, improving the accuracy of expense reports while removing risks of spending cash.

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Concur Drive

Replace manual mileage tracking with an automated app. Instead of guesses and estimates, you get accuracy and control in an expense category that’s traditionally hard to manage.

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Capture and consolidate data from expense, invoice, request, and travel solutions, so you can see and control your spend in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

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Consultative Intelligence

Get access to travel and expense analytics experts, so you can dive deeper into your data; uncover root causes of excess spending; and strengthen policies, compliance, and cost control.

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Intelligent Audit

Access a team of global auditors to increase spending oversight without adding overhead.

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Concur Request

Make it easy for budget managers to review travel costs before they’re booked, so businesses can control spending before it happens.

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