Fraud and compliance solutions

Enhance your existing SAP Concur solution to better manage risk, detect fraud, and make compliance easy for employees.

Create a culture of compliance

Employees have more purchasing power, channels, and convenience than ever. To keep up in this new spend environment, every organization needs a system that provides complete visibility into spend, helps control costs, and is easy for employees to use. SAP Concur solutions let you:

  • Gain visibility into spend to spot noncompliance, navigate regulatory changes, and reduce fraud risks
  • Create a spend policy with guidance on steps, after workflows, and approvals
  • Create an audit trail for every transaction and expense report

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What you can’t see can cost you

When employees violate travel and expense policies it can expose organizations to avoidable risks and have a significant impact to the bottom line. To see just how expensive these violations can be, and what you can do to prevent them, check out our blog and eBook.

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Success Stories: Capital Group and SAP Concur

Until recently, it took Capital Group an hour or more to process a single expense report. With 7200 employees worldwide, the time and frustration added up. Find out what happened when the company partnered with SAP Concur to automate processes, and see how this addressed duplicate payments, regulatory issues, and fraud.

See how SAP Concur solutions can drive compliance and reduce fraud

Concur Expense

Integrating all of your expense data means that you can manage your organization's spend anywhere, anytime.

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Compliance Services

Give your company unprecedented visibility into employee spend and supplier invoices for improved efficiency, control, planning, and compliance.

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Consultative Intelligence

Get expert insights, analysis, and reports to help you stay on top of out-of-policy spend and fraud.

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