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How Can Finance Leaders Deliver Intelligence Across the... PREMIUM
Today's finance leaders have to deliver new levels of business acumen across their organizations. But many of them lack the visibility and control to engage employees and improve processes. So how do they achieve intelligent finance?
IDC report: Empower Organizations to Digitally Transform... PREMIUM
On their journey to digital transformation (DX), organizations across the globe are taking steps to run their business on cloud enterprise applications. Expense, travel, and invoice management applications are an obvious investment choice to quickly transform business processes by increasing compliance and bringing a large amount of spend under management. In this white paper, IDC...
Infographic: Travelers behaviors and invisible spend PREMIUM
Traveler behaviors and preferences are changing. With the emergence of new technology, supplier-direct efforts and shifts due to generational changes, business traveler behavior is changing. High smartphone adoption has led to new traveler behavior. While many successful managed travel programs have shifted bookings online, new mobile behavior requires a...
Phocuswright Report: Capturing and Controlling the... PREMIUM
Travel behaviors and preferences are changing With the emergence of new technology, supplier-direct efforts and shifts due to generational changes, business traveler behavior is changing. Corporate travel has been fixated on online booking adoption for more than a decade. Businesses need...
The Robots are Coming! Why you should be excited about AI... PREMIUM
According to 2015 APQC, 62% of accounts payable costs come from labor - and that figure doesn't account for the opportunity cost of wasting time that could be better spent on innovation and strategic thinking. At SAP Concur, we have been using Machine Learning (ML) for several years to do things for our customers that could not be done any other way....
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Better together: Concur and SAP
If technology makes finance work easier, why does the finance leader always have so much to do? The digital economy connects every individual, industries and information and allow us to reshape facet of business. The technological advancement drives businesses to ask more from finance leaders, so how can they tackle those requests? Your T&E spending is a great place to start....
SAP Concur and SAP: The simple way to see and manage...
You can now leverage Concur and SAP native integration to get a complete view of company finances in one place. The secure and simple integration between Concur and SAP systems, including SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA, can provide you near real-time data synchronization without errors and delays caused by middleware; at the same time, you can get better visibility and reporting across all channles...
Concur Expense Report Auditing

Maintain insight and control with Expense Report Auditing from Concur. If you want to ensure your company's money is being spent within policy but also don't want to monitor the transactions of every employee, Expnese Report Auditing is a service that you need.


Concur and SAP Integration

Concur and SAP integration is a simple, sophisticated, secure way to manage spending. 

Concur User Support Desk
User Support Desk Brochure
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Meet the Needs of Both Your Travelers and Your Business with SAP Concur

The travel industry keeps changing so as travel management in your company, it isn't all about policy. As the technology advanced, what travelers want, what your business needs will change.

That's why SAP Concur keeps innovating, we help you serve your business and your travelers with solution designed to work in today's travel industry and be intelligent enough to adapt for tomorrow.

Find out more on Concur Travel & Expense

Take a Look Around Concur Travel and Expense

Business travel works better when it's integrated with expense reporting. See how easy it is to book travel and have expense data flow seamlessly from bookings to expense reports when you automate in the cloud with SAP Concur. Learn more: https://www.concur.com.hk/travel-expense 

Take a Look Around Concur Expense

Concur Expense helps you manage the expense process with a better user experience, accurate data, and rich reporting. Easy-to-use web-based and mobile tools help you complete your expense reports quickly and accurately.  Learn more: www.concur.com.hk/expense-management 

Product Demo: Concur Budget

Budget managers have a responsibility to spend wisely, but that's hard to do when you can't see what's been spent, or take the right action. Budget by SAP Concur brings together expenses and budgets in a single solution, allowing you to make better more timely spending decisions. 

The SAP Concur Platform: Expense, Travel and Invoice Management

Expense, travel, and invoice management are all parts of the SAP Concur platform. Alone, these solutions can easily help you increase visibility, improve compliance and save costs. But when you bring everything together, the benefits are greater than you can ever imagine. Learn more now at www.concur.com.hk 

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Introduction to Concur Expense solution (05:46) PREMIUM

This video will help you understand what Concur Expense is and how it can help to streamline the expense management process, improve employee productivity and provide greater visibility into every spend. 

Archived - Elevating the End User Experience in Travel and... PREMIUM
Explore how a social shift is changing T&E technology developments to focus on the end user experience with this webinar from IDC and Concur.
Archived - Business Travel Webinar: Is Mobile the Next... PREMIUM
Travel industry leaders explore how mobile enhancements are changing how companies manage travel on the go.
Webinar: Best Practices for Fraud and Travel Expenses... PREMIUM
In today’s uncertain economic environment, workplace fraud can be a serious problem. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the typical organization loses 5% of its revenue to fraud each year. Guest speakers from ACFE and Concur share how companies can detect and prevent corporate fraud, and the role played by best practice T&E management in this crucial task.
Total Economic Impact of Travel and Expense Management PREMIUM
Watch this informative presentation from Concur and Forrester Research discussing the findings from the recent The Total Economic Impact of Concur Travel and Expense Management study and learn how other companies just like yours have realized tremendous savings.
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When NEC Europe were looking to replace their complicated, process heavy travel and expense management system, they found with Concur that they could not only improve their entire travel and expense process from start to finish, but they could also save money, seeing a return on their investment in just six months. Concur was able to offer NEC Europe the latest in innovative travel and expense...
Ericsson case study PREMIUM
Powerful global functionality met the needs of this multi-national company
Cable & Wireless case study PREMIUM
Reimbursements are expedited and VAT recovery is simplified, making vital spend data more visible
Deutsche Post DHLCase Study PREMIUM
Concur delivers exceptional ROI for global logistics leader, Deutsche Post DHL.
Eaton case study PREMIUM
Powerful global functionality met the needs of this multi-national company