Is meaningless work what you hired people to do?

Christene Oganov |

It’s just like your mom said when you were supposed to be cleaning your room: “Of course you don’t like it. It’s work, and work is hard.” She was right. Work is hard. It is a challenge. And that’s precisely what makes it so rewarding.  

Hard work does not, however, have to be frustrating.  

The Great Resignation is a real thing; employees are leaving in droves and for all sorts of reasons. It may not all have to do with maddeningly unnecessary travel and expense processes and procedures, but you can bet your allowance they have a lot to do with it. Take those menial tasks off their desks, and employees not only can be more productive, they’ll be more engaged.  

Productive, engaged, and (you guessed it) happy.


It isn’t your job to make people happy.  

Okay, that might contradict the previous sentence, but it’s true. Your job is, in part, to make sure your company is spending what it should, to buy what it needs, to get the job done. And I’m willing to bet my allowance that nowhere in your job description does it say anything about happiness.  

But when you do these things – control spending, simplify processes, etc. – your people will find joy and meaning in their work. And the good news is, you already have SAP Concur tools in place to help make it happen.  

With simple enhancements to your SAP Concur solutions, you can remove the steps that frustrate employees – creating an experience that not only increases engagement and employee happiness, it actually increases your control over costs. With expanded tools, you can make it easier to manage receipts and approvals. You can add safety, security, and sustainability to your travel program. You can eliminate manual tasks from finance and AP. You can, in a very real and actionable way, protect employees’ valuable time and your precious budgets.  

See how with the tools in this eBook: Meaningful, Not Monotonous – Invest in Your Employees While Getting More Out of Your T&E Investment 


Here it is, in a nutshell:  

1. Reimagine the employee experience.  

This section tells you how to eliminate paper receipts, approve spend before it’s spent, and get good guidance on how to get the most out of your SAP Concur solutions. It’s a short list, but just imagine what the end of receipts and total control over spend could do for you.  

2. Prove that what matters to them matters to you.  

Here, you’ll hear and learn how to analyze what your traveling employees are saying about your travel and expense solution, so you’ll know what’s happening and why. You’ll also find tools to support employee safety and goals for sustainability. In short, you’ll help make things better for each traveler and anyone else who lives on the planet.  

3. Free your finance team to do more meaningful work.  

In this part of the eBook, you’ll see how expanding your solution can help remove the distractions of day-to-day minutia, so your finance team can focus on critically important spending strategies. It covers audit efficiency, invoice automation, VAT/GST complexities, and other ways to simplify spend management.  


Again, it isn’t your job to make people happy. It isn’t even your responsibility to make their jobs easier. But you have the tools in place to take meaningless tasks off their desk, so they can work harder and be happier.