Duty of Care Matters

Duty of Care matters to every company with traveling employees.

Duty of Care matters to every company with traveling employees

Taking care of employees can be a challenge on a good day. But when they’re on the road, running into everything from the annoyance of canceled flights to the violence of political unrest, connecting with and protecting them is crucial.

Duty of Care responsibilities includes:

  • Locating your traveling employees during global crisis situations
  • Ability to contact them in worrying situations
  • Assist and evacuate them to safety when the need arises

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Manage safe business travel and control costs for your business

Concur Travel business benefits and features:

  • Gain insights into company-wide travel spending
  • Enforce company travel policies and compliance
  • Pre-trip planning cost and trip changes are alerted for budget approvals
  • Support travelers and employees in the event of an emergency

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