[On-demand webinar] Cost and Compliance - Two Things You Can Still Control

80% of CFOs see the potential for global recession, and 48% anticipate a financial impact that effects operations, liquidity, and capital resources.

Controlling corporate spend is more critical than ever. Think about it. Even when it was “business as usual,” were you completely confident in your ability to stay on top of all company spend? Could you see what and how your employees spend on supplier purchases or expense? Did you have the technology and tools to stop the mistakes, double-entries, mis-categorizations, and even a little fraud every now and then? 

Join this event now and you will learn how to

  • Replacing inefficient, paper-based processes with automated capture and processing of Vendor Invoices and Expenses
  • Facilitate greater compliance of company policies and better control before spend and against budget
  • See near real-time spend data and identify cost optimization areas
  • Flag and fix non-compliance and fraud by automating your audits


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Hermi Chu, Territory Director,  Hong Kong, SAP Concur
Victor Hui, Presales Solutions Manager, SAP Concur
Raj Ahuja, Concur COE Head, Capgemini


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