How to Get Receipts into Concur Expense

Looking for an app to scan and manage business receipts? You've come to the right place! With SAP Concur you can easily input receipts and data without having to re-key information or risk errors. Let's take a look at how this works:

Simply take a picture of your receipt using the Concur Expense mobile app. Intelligent machine learning technology will scan and capture data to automatically create an expense line item. This is then added to a new or existing claim, reducing manual entry and increasing visibility.

But today more receipts are being sent digitally. Let's say you pay on your corporate credit card for a hotel stay and receive the receipt via email. By forwarding the digital receipt, the same machine learning technology that powers the mobile app will be able to capture detailed information, including hotel room rate, breakfast, and additional charges. This means policy compliance and maximum accuracy is assured, and it provides a more in-depth spend report without time-consuming manual data entry. But what happens to that corporate card data?

SAP Concur partners with a number of banks to provide a daily feed of transactions. This includes amounts, dates, and supplier information, automatically linking them to relevant receipts. This makes it easier and seamless for employees whilst finance teams don't have to spend time chasing them trying to reconcile card statements.

Our partnership ecosystem goes even further. We work with different suppliers so that travel can be booked in the employee's preferred way, while still giving the business visibility into their spend. With Concur TripLink the employee's travel plans and expenses are automatically linked to make the claims process even easier. Take, for instance, your preferred airline. You can connect that profile to your SAP Concur account and book flights directly with the airline. Your booking details are then sent directly to Concur Expense. A detailed trip itinerary is created, meaning everyone can easily see the travel plans. It will also create an expense line item automatically so employees simply have to review and submit without wasting time entering data.

And that's how easy it is to import receipts and create expense claims with SAP Concur.

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