Services that meet your unique needs.

We know that not all organizations are alike, and some need extra services to help things run smoothly. Concur offers varied, robust options to make sure you are well taken care of.


Concur’s highly experienced team of travel and expense implementation experts can guide you through the options and implementation processes. Our vast experience from thousands of implementations forms the basis for the development of our formal implementation best practices methodology. We offer the following options:

  • Professional — With a dedicated resource to guide you through your implementation as rapidly as possible, this option is designed for companies that have broad requirements (typically multi-business unit or multi-country) or those requiring support for country-specific travel and expense claim requirements.
  • Premium — This implementation option is a fully-managed, on-site capable and high-touch approach. It is an extensive engagement with Concur implementation resources who are dedicated to ensuring Concur meets your specialized requirements — and who will work to ensure that both the solution and the implementation address your complex and global requirements.

Concur Intelligent Audit

For many companies, auditing employees’ expenses can be cumbersome, paper-intensive and sensitive. After all, no-one likes to feel like they’re being “monitored.” With Concur® Intelligent Audit, an objective third party verifies employee expense receipts without bias, and provides control to ensure compliance – all while reducing processing costs. You can leverage the power of Concur Intelligent Audit to:

  • Control employee spend and ensure compliance.
  • Reduce waste, misuse and abuse proactively.
  • Save time by having Concur manage the audit of expense process.
  • Delegate receipt imaging responsibilities.
  • Verify and audit receipt quickly.
  • Ensure expenses are classified properly for tax purposes.

User Support Desk

This service provides your employees with reliable, 24x7 support when they need it. Any employee can use this extended service for application questions, service requests or incidents involving unexpected behavior of any Concur service. The Concur representative providing direct support will be familiar with your specific system configuration and your corporate policies and rules. User Support Desk removes your need for support staff, offers prompt assistance, and provides a monthly report of support calls.

Service Administration

Regularly reviewing and configuring Concur’s system to your organization’s unique needs is very important, even if a bit tedious. Service Administration can help you manage the specific configuration – from staying abreast of new features and updates to taking control of day-to-day system maintenance. The service focuses on assisting with the maintenance of the administrative features within Concur, including:

  • Addressing your initial and ongoing needs as your Concur solution is in production or as changes are implemented in production systems.
  • Recommending best-in-class configurations to optimize compliance, establish user permissions and define compliance rule settings to help identify policy violations.
  • Monitoring application processes and jobs to ensure successful completion and compliance, while troubleshooting errors should they occur.
  • Assist with identifying usage gaps or common user challenges and formulating strategies to ensure maximum deployment.