Implementation options

Choose Your Path

Concur has developed a wide range of implementation options based on our extensive experience working with 10,000 clients in over 150 countries. Choose the option that will work most effectively for your company - ranging from complete self-configuration to having Concur manage the entire process for you. The options include:

Professional Implementation

The Professional Implementation option is designed for companies with broad requirements, or those requiring advanced support for complex industry- or multi-country-specific travel and expense management requirements. You are assigned an Implementation Project Manager with extensive experience in supporting clients with complex objectives to help you implement Concur to best fit your organization's needs

Concur provides dedicated resources to guide you through the implementation process as rapidly as possible. Together with your assigned Implementation Project Manager, you'll work on everything from identifying your unique requirements through to the final testing of the setup. Our involvement and expertise allows for all implementation activity to be managed virtually. This translates into significant time and cost savings for you.

Premium Implementation

You can choose to employ our fully-managed implementation with the added assurance of having Concur staff resources on-site to support a successful deployment. You can fully define your configuration strategy with the ability to access every feature and capability of Concur's travel solution. It's the perfect choice for incorporating complex industry requirements, or deploying to multiple countries that have unique policies and workflow requirements.

With Premium Implementation you are assigned a Consulting Manager and Project Team that communicate with you to clearly define your configuration strategy - and then they implement that strategy on your behalf. This dedicated workforce has extensive experience and in-depth understanding of Concur's travel solution, having previously managed hundreds of successful implementation projects.