Panel Discussion: Digital Employee Experience - a Vital Need in the "New Normal"

Join where Paul Arkwright, Cheif Editor of HR Magazine, puts your questions to our expert panel to find out exactly how organisations can leverage SAP to create an end-to-end digital employee experience, and save shed loads of time and money. Learn how to integrate your HR, employee, and finance processes right the way through from Hire to Retire. Whether it is talent administration, employee travel, expense and invoice management, and everything in between we have got you covered.

If you are tired of multiple systems that do not talk to each other and waiting so long to get the data you need from everyone that it is already weeks’ out of date, then this webinar is for you. Single-source intelligence is the key to creating business agility, making timely decisions, and accurately planning. This webinar shows you how to make the best business decisions in real-time, all the time.