Female Business Traveler Safety Checklist

Even if your company has travel risk management and duty of care policies in place, it’s worth taking steps to be educated and engaged in your own safety when traveling. For women, understanding potential travel risks is particularly important so you can plan ahead and protect your peace of mind.
With the help of a former FBI special agent, SWAT commander, and corporate security director, we complied this essential guide to female travel safety. Inside, we highlight seven key areas of concern:

  • Understanding business travel insurance
  • Trip planning essentials
  • Packing for safety
  • Protecting your health and welfare
  • Lodging safety tips
  • Practicing new behaviors
  • Social media and cyber safety while traveling

Within each you’ll find a number of resources, tips, and behavioral protocols to ensure you’re ready to take control of complications you may face on the road.
What does a good travel insurance policy cover? What should you remember if you have allergies or a chronic illness? What’s a decoy wallet and why might you want one? What precautions should you take on social media? You’ll find answers to all of those questions and many more.
Download our guide to female travel safety today, and keep it handy whenever you travel for work or pleasure.