Hong Kong Travel Manager Report 2021

 Travel Managers Prepared to Clear the Way for Travel Takeoff

Travel managers grasp that change is needed to make corporate travel work and they have identified areas of focus for implementing new travel policies. While travel managers demonstrate that their companies are adapting to the changing travel norms, they also need to prioritize flexibility moving forward. To do so, travel managers will move into an even greater strategic role in their company as they secure buy-in from leadership.

The report highlights survey results from Hong Kong travel managers in and talks about things that are top of mind for travel managers as business travel is starting to pick up:

  • All travel managers (100%) expect challenges in the next 12 months
  • The top one is communicating and ensuring compliance with new and revised travel policies (64%),
  • 48% of travel managers expect enhanced duty of care policies as well as 46% limiting business travel to essential trips
  • 71% of travel managers say they’ve made updates to have a greater focus on sustainability

Travel managers need tools and solutions that will allow them to meet business priorities and provide business travelers with the increased flexibility that they desire. Achieving that balance will be essential in a business world with new expectations.

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