PrimeCredit embraces digital transformation while maintaining stringent governance

As one of the major personal finance players in Hong Kong, digitalization is one of the key priorities for the company, both in customer-facing and back-end applications. Not only did PrimeCredit need to streamline and optimize its finance processes, it also needed to further enhance data visibility for its business expansion with scalability and flexibility. Moreover, as a financial institution, compliance requirements are critical for PrimeCredit to ensure transparency, credibility, and security. As such, PrimeCredit turned to SAP Concur to assist it on its digital journey.

Why SAP Concur? 

• Accelerate digital transformation with minimal disruption to current workflow and procedures
• Enhance workforce productivity and efficiency
• Boost data accuracy, visibility, and consistency for finance team to perform more essential data analysis tasks
• Fulfill scalability needs for fast-growing business

“For businesses looking for an automatic spend management solution that supports digital transformation, SAP Concur Invoice and Concur Expense is a reliable ally that will never let you down. SAP Concur delivers digital invoice and expense services which has raised our work efficiency, enabled us to reroute manpower to valuable tasks and enhanced our scalability and flexibility to speed up the digital transformation process.”

-William Ng, Chief Financial Officer, PrimeCredit Limited






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