Case Studies

Metrohm China gains effective control of travel and expense management with full compliance and an optimized employee experience
Smart Expense Management Solution Helps Hanshow Reshape Retail in the Digital World
Innovation-Driven TCL Enables Smart Living with Intelligent Technologies
Native Union strives for greater business success by virtue of invoice and expense management
Dulwich College International takes on new approach to E-finance and digital transformation with SAP Concur® Solutions
APG Asia is revolutionizing its travel & expense management with SAP Concur to cope with its rapid business expansion
ITW Partners with Concur to Drive Business Travel Innovations
PrimeCredit embraces digital transformation while maintaining stringent governance
(Part 2 of 3) Smith & Nephew Adopts AI Solutions to Eliminate Manager Expense Approval
Serco realizes significant reductions on travel spend amidst the global pandemic
Reshaping its travel and expense processes, Siemens required digital solutions to enable employees to focus on the work that drives business performance
Barclays Gains Access to Integrated Travel & Expense Data with SAP Concur Solutions
NSK Digitizes Travel & Expense Management to Enable Smart Finance Decisions
Automated Travel and Expense Management Process Paves the Way to Fast, Efficient Logistics for C.H. Robinson
PACCAR Centralizes Travel and Expense Data for Improved Compliance and Risk Mitigation
ServiceNow Complies with Mexico Tax Regulations by Using Axosnet’s Digital Invoice Verifier