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With global expansion as a key business development strategy for its companies and being a pioneer in seeking an international presence, TCL has accumulated over 20 years of experience in operating in overseas markets. For the leading consumer electronics company, intelligent and digital technologies play a crucial role in its global expansion efforts. Implementing a digital business strategy has become a prerequisite for differentiating TCL from other industry players, with building a smart financial process being vital.

By implementing the smart SAP Concur Expense solution, TCL benefits from standards-based financial management and strengthened risk control over its overall financial process. In addition, the company has connected its business locations worldwide with an intelligent data analysis platform in a move to further empower the operations and management of its markets worldwide with enhanced capabilities by unlocking the potential of AI and IoT technologies.

"TCL aims to become a leading global smart technology company with digital and intelligent technologies laying a foundation for our ongoing expansion worldwide. SAP Concur is committed to helping build smart businesses with digital financial solutions, aligned with TCL's mission of enabling smart living for all. SAP Concur solutions allow us to improve the data-based budget management and strengthen risk control, which lays a solid foundation for TCL's global expansion."

- Yang Qiaofeng, CFO of overseas marketing at TCL Intelligent Terminal Business Group








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