SAP Concur propels Anglo-Eastern on its finance transformation journey

The ship management group now has clear visibility on its corporate spend and finance

Hong Kong, December 14, 2018 – SAP Concur®, the world’s leading provider of expense, travel and invoice management solutions, today announced that it has successfully implemented the expense management process for ship management group Anglo-Eastern, standardizing it on a single platform, thus enabling the company to gain full control and visibility of its corporate spend and finance.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Anglo-Eastern offers shipping companies global services to manage their fleets, crew, technical needs, newbuildings, and other special projects and related requirements. With more than 25 offices in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, Anglo-Eastern’s workforce is spread across multiple locations around the world. Dealing with manual forms and processes when trying to obtain employees’ expense claims every month was affecting the timeliness in processing client invoicing, which in turn was impacting cashflow management.

Anglo-Eastern wanted to find a solution that could help provide a better experience for its employees, especially those on the road, whilst eliminating troublesome and lengthy processes via the delivery of a connected platform through which employees can manage expense claims on the go, using any smart device. Likewise, its management team was keen to gain greater visibility and insights on its corporate spend to help with planning and strategic decision-making. After a review of the market, Anglo-Eastern selected SAP Concur for its ability to meet all of these criteria via its cloud-based solution.

“SAP Concur has helped Anglo-Eastern with our finance transformation journey by streamlining and standardizing our expense management process across all regions,” said Mark Stevenson, Chief Financial Officer of Anglo-Eastern. “Our management now has complete visibility of its corporate spend with the kind of intelligence that empowers better planning and drives more strategic decisions. The new system can run analytics and use the data gathered to understand where money is spent and how this ties to business performance, proactively identifying areas for business growth. Furthermore, our finance team and employees can enjoy a more satisfying user experience.”

With an integrated spend management system, the Anglo-Eastern finance team now has enhanced control and work process efficiency, which in turn means more time for strategic tasks. Employees can also focus on their jobs instead of dealing with deskbound manual expense claims, because they can now submit their travel and entertainment (T&E) expense claims online anywhere, any time.

SAP Concur, an SAP company, helps companies become “Intelligent Enterprises” with increased visibility and control on corporate spend. Going beyond automation of management processes, SAP Concur helps enterprises leverage new technologies and data insights to make timely responses to market and smarter fact-based decisions.

“We want to celebrate the integration between Anglo-Eastern and SAP Concur and our successful implementation. This is one of several innovative technologies as part of Anglo-Eastern’s digital transformation and we are delighted to be a part of this process,” said Jeff Lam, General Manager of Greater China at SAP Concur. “As a global leader in spend management, with more than 50 percent market share in the T&E market globally, we strive to help customers of all sizes across many different industries to keep a clear view on their business finances and the bottom line.”