Press Releases

Concur to Expand Business in China

Together with China DataCom Corporation, Concur’s expansion in China will help companies with localization, globalization and digital transformation of T&E processes  

Concur Predicts Top Five Corporate Travel and Expense Management Trends in Asia in 2016

Deployment of fully automated systems expected to accelerate and streamline travel and expense management processes significantly

Gartner Report Evaluates Concur's Travel Expense Management

Gartner Report Evaluates Concur's Use of the Nexus of Forces In Travel Expense Management: Concur's Perfect Trip vision cited as example of how the nexus could impact travel expense management technologies

Concur Delivers Locate & Alert For Mobile Devices Helping Asia Pacific companies

Innovative solution helps keep track of employees and communicate with them in the event of natural disaster, political unrest or other travel disruption

Research uncovers $1 billion problem for Hong Kong companies

Inefficient T&E expense claim processes waste over $1 billion in employee time alone; billions more potentially wasted due to lack of visibility, errors and out-of-policy spend