Itinerary Management, with TripIt® Pro.

What is TripIt® Pro?

Once a trip is booked, employees need to manage flights, hotel and rental car reservations, delays, weather conditions and even driving directions—all of which can quickly turn a simple trip into a time-consuming organizational nightmare.

TripIt® Pro is an easy-to-use, online and mobile itinerary management solution that automatically combines travel information into a single itinerary. Receive TripIt alerts for flight delays or cancellations; use the travel itinerary planner to keep track of loyalty program details, and easily share travel plans with friends, family or co-workers.

Increase Employee Satisfaction.

TripIt® Pro is an itinerary management solution that makes business travel easy by creating one easily accessible master itinerary. It also provides gate change alerts and flight details while keeping colleagues connected.

Increase Efficiency.

TripIt’s itinerary management solution helps employees save time by receiving real-time travel alerts and accessing travel data from a single itinerary on their mobile device or online.

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How it Works

Concur® Travel automatically delivers all relevant content for authorized business travelers - like flight, hotel and rental car information - and effortlessly synchronizes it with TripIt® Pro. You can also forward e-mail confirmations such as dining reservations, activities and more to and the details flow seamlessly into your travel planning and expense claims. TripIt® Pro makes it simple to:

  • Organize all trip details into one master online or mobile itinerary - even if arrangements are booked through multiple places.
  • Automatically add maps, driving directions and weather forecasts to the master itinerary.
  • Safely access travel plans online or from your mobile, and easily share them with friends and family and synchronize them between all your desktop and mobile calendars.
  • Go mobile with free apps for iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ BlackBerry® and Windows® phones.