SAP Concur white paper: Sustainability is top of mind for Asia Pacific organisations.


The pandemic is evolving and along with its evolution, corporate travel is resuming. Interestingly, travel concerns have also been reshaped. Last year, travellers were primarily worried about their health and safety. As vaccination rates rise, such concerns receded from the foreground, and thoughts around sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship took their place.

SAP Concur has just concluded a study that details the importance Asia Pacific organisations attach to sustainability, their approaches to reducing the environmental impact of travel, and expert recommendations to effectively attain their goals.

For example, 86% of the respondents to the APAC Sustainable Business Travel Survey said their organisations consider sustainability when managing corporate travel. About 71% realised that they need to harness technology to attain their goal effectively.

To learn more about these and other interesting facts, <download> the full white paper here.