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Seeing digitalization as a key part in its business development, APG Asia selected SAP Concur as its partner to support the finance and budgeting functions. With the SAP Concur platform, APG Asia's finance team can focus on more valuable priorities as the platform ia able to automize the processes of travel expenses approval and reimbursement. As such, not only will the finance team be able to catch up with the business expansion in Greater China, it will also allow better visibility and transparency for budget planning.

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“Having the SAP Concur system has been a key step for the company's finance digitalization journey. I am very pleased with the value it brings to my department as well as to the business  as a whole, and we very much look forward to exploring other SAP Concur services to allow for further automation as our business thrives!” 

- Catherine Suen, Finance Director, APG Asset Management Asia






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