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Automated Travel and Expense Management Process Paves the Way to Fast, Efficient Logistics for C.H. Robinson


The manual processes of collecting and submitting paper invoices for reimbursement requests have reduced efficiency and affected employee productivity. On reimbursement day, our finance staff would be burdened with having to sort through all the paper invoices submitted, verifying reimbursement documents, and producing expense reports. This is a common struggle faced by many businesses and not just C.H.Robinson. With SAP Concur Expense, C.H.Robinson has eliminated paper invoices and manual reimbursement. With the expense approval process now available in the cloud, it has facilitated data verification while guaranteeing that reimbursement and expense management comply with policy.

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"With SAP Concur Expense, our finance staff can now review and approve employees' reimbursement requests online. Automating the financial process has helped to get rid of the time-consuming and error-prone processing of paper invoices. This has not only improved business efficiency, but also enhanced the compliance and transparency of travel expense management, which has helped finance executives make the best analysis and decisions based on reliable and complete data."  

- Greta Chen, Senior Manager of Internal Control, C.H. Robinson








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