Connecting A Business Internally and Externally with Total Spend Management System


CVCapital is an international investment bank dedicated to providing strategic financing
solutions as well as mergers and acquisitions services. In 2014, the company took the lead to
expand overseas business, with the establishment of CVCapital Securities as a U.S.
Securities broker-dealer licensed entity.With an increasing number of domestic and overseas
projects, the company needs to not only implement project-based management and
compliance for employee T&E expenses, but also to provide clear and transparent reports on
project expenses during client communication. SAP Concur's digital solutions helped
CVCapital improve the effectiveness of employee monitoring in terms of expense
management, and achieve timely and smooth communication with its clients, exemplifying the
application of project-based expense management within the enterprise.


Why Choose Concur?

- Satisfy the company’s need for project-based T&E expense management
- Generate real-time highly granular and comprehensive financial data reports
- Effortlessly integrate T&E and corporate resources planning data
- Improve the accuracy of expense data
- Automatic operation accelerates the expense handling process
- Strengthen the capability of financial analysis

Nearly 70% of our employees travel frequently for business negotiation, client roadshows and client relationship maintenance. T&E and related expenses are the primary costs for the company. As such, accurate matching of project expense items to the corresponding projects, as well as clear and smart analysis of expense management, are critical to the company's internal management and external communication. ——Tang Xie, Financial Controller of CVCapital




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