Native Union

Like many small- and medium-sized enterprises, Native Union has had to embark on a digital journey to fast-track its business growth. On top of having to rely on a lean finance team to support its global operations across more than 60 countries, its traditional, paper-based set-ups for spend management was also hindering its progress, resulting in the need to simplify, automate and go paperless. 

In prioritizing finance digital transformation to optimize performance, Farouk Merzougui, Chief Operating and Financial Officer of Native Union, turned to SAP Concur® three years ago to offer his team more freedom and flexibility with resourcing via reliable end-to-end solutions.

Why SAP Concur ?

  • Streamlines entire T&E process to increase cost efficiency for a distributed workforce
  • Allows employees to focus on higher-value tasks
  • Increases visibility for analyses by finance team
  • Promotes sustainable and distributed working modes (online, paperless processes)

“Both SAP Concur® Invoice and Concur® Expense have been instrumental in Native Union’s digital transformation. Overall, it has reduced processing time by up to 80% and resulted in a 50% drop in manual workloads. Hence, I would unreservedly recommend the spend management solutions to any SME with a globally distributed workforce and business presence. By removing the limits of a legacy, paper-based accounting and finance operations, companies will gain the agility and flexibility they need to achieve exponential growth ”

-Farouk Merzougui, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Native Union






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