Green Climate Fund

Green Climate Fund Goes Eco-friendly and Paperless with SAP Concur

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is an international financial institution that works to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in developing countries and to respond to climate change. The organization invests funds in projects that lower greenhouse gas emissions and enhance the adaptability of developing countries to climate change and assesses whether the fund is managed in a transparent and appropriate manner.

Previously, GCF did not have an expense management solution. This meant that its employees handed expense forms along with receipts to the finance team, which handled them manually.

Since travel was a frequent part of the organization’s work, expense management was excessively time-consuming. Also, the manual handling of expenses regularly caused simple errors. The workers who presented forms and the workers who handled them did the same job redundantly, indicating that an improvement of this inefficient process was required.

Above all, a large number of printouts was required to prove payment receipts, which seemed inconsistent with the fund’s goal of seeking a better environment.

"We needed a powerful expense management program that could literally catch five birds with one stone. That was why we chose to introduce SAP Concur." - Ga Sun yeong, Accounting Senior Assistant, GCF




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